Always An Opportunity
With an eye for planning gain and identifying value through proactive asset management, we have the experience and resources to acquire and make-good even the most complex of projects.
We have built a consistently good reputation by providing solid investment opportunities in property throughout the UK.
“The majority of our investors look to reinvest with us” NIALL SCOTT

Always in it for the long haul

We value building long-term wealth and long-term relationships.

Introducing Scott Baker Properties

Scott Baker Properties is a property development and investment company with a conscience.



  • Scott Baker Properties aspire to be UK’s leading provider of high-quality shared accommodation and coliving spaces.
  • Scott Baker Properties will provide help to those who need it most by providing emergency LGBT + friendly housing.
  • Scott Baker Properties is determined to provide a 5 star service for its investors following our values:
Honesty & integrity  |  Reliability in performance & communications  |  Security

Scott Baker Properties was created in 2016 by co-founders Niall Scott & Matt Baker. Having invested heavily in their own education, training and support in property development, they purchased their first buy-to-let (BTL) property together and progressed to build a substantial portfolio of BTL’s, Next Level HMO® and Coliving properties. In the first 4 years of investing they built up a combined portfolio of 96 rental units worth just under £5 million,. Scott Baker Properties continue to expand and grow and on-going projects include house and HMO refurbishments and the conversion of houses and commercial buildings to flats and shared properties. Scott Baker Properties aspire to be one of the UK’s leading providers of shared accommodation and coliving spaces. If you would like to find out more about their company, and what opportunities might be available, contact us.

Investment in Property Investment Education

Both Matt and Niall have invested in themselves to learn about property investment and development and both have been mentored by some of the best in the business. 

Niall and Matt now offer their own support to landlords growing their business through their property education company: The HMO Platform

Niall Scott Co-founder 

Niall Scott knows people is more important than property.

Co-founder of Scott Baker Properties, The HMO Platform & Asset Manager at co:home. As a property development specialist, Niall focuses his time and energy on building the Scott Baker coliving portfolio. He is also heavily involved in The HMO Platform, as a mentor to coliving property development students and a member of the team at co:home, a coliving  property operator.

Having travelled extensively and lived abroad; during his time overseas, Niall learned that co-habiting was one of the most common themes across cultures. He also witnessed the benefits of co-habiting, which in the UK and Europe, translates as coliving.

Niall is passionate about providing sustainable living experiences. He has a background in customer service within the financial sector and is most at home whilst networking with like-minded individuals. With a keen interest in reducing waste and educating housemates about how to reduce their consumption and live in harmony with the planet, Niall continues to raise the bar in coliving property development.

      “The first step along the road to success is the first one; learn, then be active”

Matt Baker Co-founder & Co-director

“The first step along the road to success is the first one; learn, then be active”


Matt Baker is a piano-playing property expert.

Co-founder of Scott Baker Properties, The HMO Platform and Head of Business Development at co:home. Matt is a specialist in Next Level HMO® and coliving developments. He is recognised in the property industry as one of the country’s leading HMO and coliving educators.

Starting life as musician, Matt has always had a creative side, composing and performing as a pianist in numerous collaborations. He also grew and sold a successful musical education business.

Matt aims to create meaningful relationships within his property development and training businesses. This customer-first approach has led to the successful creation of a £5 million property portfolio in his first 4 years of investment, using the majority of investor finance.

Matt’s wider vision is to have a positive impact on shared living communities across the globe to create lifelong peace of mind and well-being for both tenant and landlord.

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