When you’re young or starting fresh in a city, the experience can be daunting. Not to mention lonely. We’ve seen it time and again in the rental market – frustrated, isolated residents who just need somewhere they feel comfortable in.

What’s the answer? Traditional homes offer character, but not much else. Sky-high serviced apartments, meanwhile, link residents together, but lose individuality. So we set about combining the two. Creating a real community in properties that people love. We set about to reshape shared living forever.

So that’s the genesis of co:home – to provide a better base for kicking back, meeting future friends, and waking up to wellbeing every day. And it’s more than a promise. It’s a reality across the UK. Our co:home communities just keep growing.

CO:HOME – the first nationwide coliving operator of its kind. This incredible service-led brand was created in collaboration with some top property professionals. Our core focus is to nurture our communities within every co:home. We encourage people to step out of their rooms and into good company.

We’re happy to welcome more landlords into co:home.

Your property and offering will become unique, the pull and potential is magnified – which means you have the competitive edge, and keep it.

It’s easy – we place your property on popular listing sites, such as Spare Room and COHO, leading people to our site.

They see more and learn about the co:home experience. Then we manage all bookings, communication and contracts on your behalf. Co:home will update you on every move as it happens.

You’ll get all the typical perks of property management, as well as:

  • Catch-ups with residents, to make sure they’re happy and satisfied
  • Community events, giving people more impetus to stay long-term
  • Best in class maintenance all-year-round
  • The option to keep residents in your portfolio if they want to move elsewhere – just add more UK properties to co:home!

Sound good? We’ll become the biggest player in the rental market, so why not join our journey?

Higher yields. Safer assets. It’s all waiting for you.

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