6 Hedley Street

Nov 1, 2018

About the project
The property was bought from the previous owner/occupier for £125,000 on 17th January 2017. The property was originally 2 Tyneside flats that had been turned into a large 3-bed house.
We got planning permission to turn this 3-bed house into a 7 person HMO. We did this by converting the large loft into a double en-suite bedroom and completely reconfiguring the property to create a further 5 double en-suite bedrooms. The old lounge was turned into a large living kitchen. The property did not have any major structural issues so the conversion was a straight-forward house to large HMO.
The conversion
The property was completely reconfigured internally including the following major works:
  • New loft conversion
  • Removal of rotten woodwork and making good where necessary
  • New internal walls throughout
  • New front door
  • Install covered cycle storage as per planning requirements
  • New en-suites throughout to 6no. bedroom
  • New large kitchen and dining/living space to suit HMO license specifications.
  • Fully furnished

Weekly Rental Schedule

VALUATION: Valued at £200,000 commercially