Laburnum Grove

About the project

The property was originally rented as a 3 bed BTL but had the capacity to be more, without compromising the sizes of bedrooms or living spaces. We purchased the property in September 2019 from the previous owner and it was in a pretty neglected state.

We got planning permission via the submission of a prior notification to create a house and a 1-bed flat. We applied for and received planning permission for reinstatement and enlargement of existing light wells.

On completion, we occupied the property as a 6-bed HMO and applied for full planning permission for sui generis usage allowing us 7+ tenants in the property.

The property had major structural problems, which meant the roof, the rear walls and all internal walls of the property were demolished and rebuilt to modern structural standards. The only remaining original walls of the building are the front and side, though this was dropped to eaves height and re-built exactly as was.

The conversion

The property taken back to brick internally including the following major works: 

  •       DPC on ground floor
  •       New internal walls throughout
  •       New ground floor extension to form kitchen and dining/living space to suit HMO license specifications.
  •       New en-suites throughout to7no. bedroom

Monthly Rental Schedule

VALUATION: Valuation has not yet taken place but we are expecting a valuation of around £550,000